About Us

This is our great pleasure and pride of presenting ourselves to you as our company, CIRCLE InfoTech Pvt Ltd., have developed successful businesses in the field of Computer accessories like Casing, Keyboard, Mouse, Headphone, Speakers & High End Power Supply since the establishment of the company in 2006.

Understanding the importance of creative power and innovation, we have been ceaselessly in pursuit of applying new ideas to our products and thereby attached great importance to the R&D sector. As a result, we could be able to become a competitive Supplier in the field in a relatively short time.

With technologies and know-how accumulated through various tasks, we ventured out and broadened our field to the quality products, which we figured was full of potential. Currently we have more then 50 utility models of computer cases and other products.

When you think of CIRCLE, you think of cabinets, mice, keyboards, PSU and other PC accessories. CIRCLE is an innovative Company, which provides an extremely broad assortment, in which you will find everything you can imagine for your PC, Laptop, Mac or iPod.

Always at a competitive price, CIRCLE products bring fun and convenience to your workplace or home. CIRCLE always provides the solution and the product you are looking for.

CIRCLE has to become the obvious solution for anyone and everyone who is looking for quality computer accessories & we are planning for same.

Company Value System:

  • Responsible for each product offering and be honest to all our customers.
  •   Service Provide instant and desired service for customers, even more surpassing existing definitions of client service.
  •  Innovation Offer unique and cutting edge designs with very robust quality products to our customers.

Company Mission:

To be a value provider in the IT segment offering unique, quality and profitable products with comprehensive service for all the customers needs.

Company Vision:

Our vision is simple, honesty and openness is vital for both our customers and resellers. CIRCLE will continue to work hard to gain the respect and trust of our target audience.

We do not hard sell. Our ideologies and unconditional customer support do all the talking. All we promise is to be there when you need us. We have the right infrastructure and right attitude to take care of your needs, be of any size and nature. In a nutshell CIRCLE offers a brand promise and we make every possible effort to fulfill expectations of our customers. To complete CIRCLE means complete technology, complete dedication and complete service.

Thank you very much for your attention, and we wish your success and prosperity in your businesses and tasks.

Design and Products:

Guided by our mission and sustained with principles, the product parameters embedded in each CIRCLE offering are:

  • Innovation & Trend
  • User – friendliness
  • Multi-functionality
  • High performance
  • Robust Quality and Stability
  • Attractive Price

Quality Assurance:

CT (Complete Technology) is the assurance of a highly qualified team of individual authorizing the honesty of Circle products. Here each product with its individual parts are subjected to rigorous intelligence and ability tests before finally certifying it as a Complete Technology product, making sure that each product meets the high standard of superior quality.